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GRX Immersive Labs is committed to enabling students and providing the necessary resources for future creatives to nurture their passion. Through Immersive Technology, online education has never been more effective, progressive, and innovative. With technology like virtual reality, educational environments can be personalized for students just about anywhere the world.


GRX virtual reality tutorials

Virtual Reality Tutorials

Comprehensive & in-depth tutorials on equipments, set ups, and a spectrum of immersive tech topics.

Learn How to Operate & Create With Immersive Tech

Learn about immersive technology, how to operate, play games, & create meaningful experiences.
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vr world building course

World Building

Learn to create digital landscapes, immersive worlds & interactive experiences through with virtual reality.

Become a Creator of Words & Interactive Experiences

Learn from our collective of game designers, world builders, animators and immersive experience creators.
World Builder Tool Kit
vr immersive storytelling course

Immersive Storytelling

Learn how to transform your creative work into connecting with more audiences through Immersive tech.

Write Inspiring & Motivating Stories

Connct & Inspire your audience with authentic & powerful storytelling through rising tehnologies.
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virtual reality design course

Design Reimagined

Pushing you to express creative ideas & make your visions into reality.

Create & Design the Future of Immersive Experiences

Power up your designs skills and learn to create innovating immersives experiences & cross platform designs.
Immersive Design Kit
GRX-VR Workshop in Los Angeles


Receive hands on support & consultation while developing your skillset from creative entrepenuers.

Receive Advice & Tips from Successful Professionals Within the Industry

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Virtual Reality Demos & Quizzes by GRX Immersive Labs

Virtual Reality Demos & Quizzes

Watch, play, learn & experience immersive technology with some of our favorite virtual reality experience.

Experience Immersive Tech Demos

Experience the power of Immersive Technology with some our favorite Virtual Reality Experiences.
VIew Demos & Quizzes
VR Online Webinars

VR & AR Webinars

Curated courses made by industry professionals for aspiring creators & those interested in Virtual Reality.

Boost Your Creative Tool Set With Industry Standard Courses

Sign up for online courses specifically crafted to hone your creative skill set & provide you with resources to suceed.
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Immersive Technology, explained and made easy by some of our favorite Creators & Influencers


Immersive Storytelling, World Buidling, & Virtual Design Explained by Professionals


VR Creators Tool Kit

VR Creator Tool Kit Coming Soon!

Learn To Create With Our Virtual Reality Creator's Tool Kit

Elevate your creative skill set & become a Virtual Reality Creator & Immersive Storyteller. Kit includes: VR Creator Tool Kit, Equipment Rental Membership, & free Immersive Storyteller E-Book.
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VR Mixer

Upcoming VR Creators & Entertainment Industry Mixer

Meet, Hear, & Learn from Professional Writers, Designers, Filmmakers, & VR Content Creators.

Expand your creative network while learning from prominent entrepenuers & studios in the industry.
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VR Workshop

Immersive Tech Blog & Creative Directory

Connect With Industry Professionals & Learn More At Our Immersive Blog

Improve your understanding immersive technology, it's industry, and more at our immersive directory & blog.
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Empowering students, creatives & entrepreneurs through immersive technology & development of virtual reality content creation skill set. 

Providing an Empowering Week Into The Depths of Content Creation & Immersive Storytelling Through Immersive Technology

GRX Immersive Lab’s work with insitutions within the HBCU Program aims to provide a a legitimate platform & space of creative freedom for the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. 

Students at Florida A&M University are taught, trained, and positioned in environments that enabled them to utilize their skillsets as creators & storytellers with rising immersive technologies like Virtual Reality & Augmented reality. 

How Can We Help You Bring Your Idea To Life? 

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