A Cross Platform Virtual Reality Project


During the height of political & social unrest in America – a riot in Los angeles threatens to spread nationwider until a mysterious sinkk hole erupts unleashing a subterranean species that forces the police & the community to band together for survival as one human race.


Racism + Police Shootings + Social Unrest


Scifi | Live Action | Animation


Police violence, gang warfare, and fierce tribalism reach a critical mass following the shooting of an unarmed black teen in Compton. As city wide riots ensue this deadly frequency reverberates deep into the earth awakening an ancient army of creatures fueled by hatered & fear. Office Kenneth Sterling of the LAPD has seen this before, during his 5th tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Awake follows the story of Kenneth & his family through endless night in South Central Los Angeles as they face an inconceivable threat to their communities existence; an enemy that grows stronger by feeding off the social unrest that has been building through years of systemic oppression & endless violence.

As both Police and the gang witness the brutal murders of their fallen counter parts at the hands of unstoppable creatures, they must make a clear & sobering choice: Either set aside their differences and unite as one to defeat the enemy or allow the city, and eventually human civilization itself, get wiped off the planet.


VR180 Feature Film | 90 min Run Time


Feature Film Script

Teaser Trailer

One Sheet + Posters

Original CG Characters & Graphic Novel Animations

Awake Virtual Reality
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