Comfort for the Culture | IN PROTEST: Minneapolis, St. Paul

A collaborative 4 Volume Virtual Reality Experience made in  by GRX Immersive Labs & Oculus's VR for Good 

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Comfort for the Culture | IN PROTEST: Minneapolis, St. Paul

From the frontlines of resistance, a constellation of Black voices challenges systemic American racism in a new four-volume virtual reality series entitled IN PROTEST: Grassroots Stories from the Front Lines. Each Volume chronicles a different American city, profiling modern activists as they move beyond street protests to confront inequality and injustice in everyday life. These gripping, first-person stories speak to the urgency of the current uprising to inspire a new generation of defiance.

In Golden Valley, about a 20 minute drive from where George Floyd was murdered, Rose McGee is diligently baking in her kitchen. Rose is baking sweet potato pies to feed the souls of those grieving another death by the hands of police. Rose’s culinary social justice initiative, Sweet Potato Comfort Pie (, is designed to “strengthen existing, and nurture new relationships through the creation and sharing of sweet potato pies.” These pies are not just any kind of dessert, but establish a new power to grassroots movements by bonding together history, culture, and community.


Production Credits: 

Executive Producer - Alton Glass
Executive Producer - Amy Seidenwurm
Co-Executive Producer - Dr. Allissa Richardson
Director | Producer - Adam Davis McGee
Creative Producer | Director of Photography - Paris McCoy
Producer - Wesley Jones
Jonathan Williams - VR Camera Operator | Associate Producer
Brandy Zeigler - UPM/Line Producer
Nina King - Asst. Coordinator

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Comfort for the Culture | IN PROTEST: Minneapolis & St. Paul
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