The HBCU Virtual Reality Program

Empowering The Future of Entertainment Through Immersive Media

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HBCU Immersive Media Education Workshops

Shaping the Future Through VR & Immersive Technologies

Through our partnership with Oculus, our HBCU Virtual Reality Workshops are collaborative spaces of creation and environments of progressive learning.

Our VR Educational Seminars are led by industry professionals that have successfully worked with clients such as Disney, Interscope Records, Google, Sundance, and many more of the industries biggest names.

Through the Immersive Media Education Program, students & creatives are taken through a crash course of Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, and boundless capabilities of Immersive Technology. In a matter of days, they are given first hand industry experience in creating VR Content & become immersive storytellers.

At the end of our workshops, all creatives will undergo a transformation from consumer into efficient VR Content Creators!

Providing Training For Creative Liberation

Through our immersive media workshops, students are taught how to utilize the latest tools like VR cameras and latest software that make it easy for any content creator.

Whether you're a filmmaker, artist, journalist, designer, or developer, our seminars aim to teach all creatives how to use rising technologies for the benefit of their creative imagination.

VR Content Offers Unmatched Levels of Engagement With Audiences & Consumers

Through VR, your audience becomes a integral part of the viewing experience and drastically improves their overall engagement with your story, brand, business, or message.

No Coding or Developing Skills Are Actually Required to Create in Virtual Reality

Through our VR Workshops, we educate creatives on how to translate their existing skills into virtual ecosystems through employing software and tools that allow for seamless integration.

Need For VR Content Creators Is Rapidly Increasing Across Industries

The job market for content creators is one of the most globally competitive landscapes. Possessing skills to effectively navigate and develop content in virtual spaces sets a creative above competition.

The Number of Businesses Using VR Is Rapidly Increasing

VR & AR is quickly breaking industry boundaries and employed throughout various enterprises other than entertainment. Sooner, rather than later, creating in virtual reality will become a necessity for businesses and creatives to succeed in a competitive industry.

HBCU Virtual Reality Workshops

Fun, Judgement Free, & Empowering Spaces of Collaboration

Interested in having our workshop at your university and a part of our HBCU Virtual Reality Program? Or if you need more information, just let us know below and we'll get back as soon as we can.

FAMU Virtual Reality Workshop - Oculus
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