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20+ Years Creating Multi-Media Hits

GRX Immersive Labs is an award winning Creative R&D Technology Studio composed of highly skilled professionals. Our team has worked and spear headed successful projects in entertainment, virtual reality, advertising, and across various other engagement driven industries.

From content creation & engagement campaigns, to research & project development strategies, we are experts in crafting visions into reality.

Our staff has been individually & collectively awarded for our range of genre defining projects. We are not only finding success within entertainment, we are unitedly taking lead in shaping the industry through cutting edge technology & authentic immersive experiences.

As creatives, we have shared passions & motivation in breaking the industry standard and testing creative limits through our exploration with Virtual Reality in hopes of creating new ecosystems & progressive ideas.


Striving For Progressive Industry Change

Whether we are working on films, games, or immersive projects in virtual reality, our team strives to make a progressive impact in the industry. We strive to create meaningful stories without abandoning moral & professional standards in order to set a new caliber of entertainment.

One of our objectives has always been to ensure that the future of entertainment is free of bias & prejudices both on camera & behind the camera.

Entertainment is at it's best, when there is authentic representations and collective success. Our work with community programs, The HBCU Program, Universities and schools aims to empower creatives with skills, tools, and professional exposure needed to be fully prepare to tackle the job market.

Knowledge is power and we intend to share our collective professional experience with creators for the purpose of shaping the industry into a collaborative space, free of creative restraints.


Meet The Team

Each one of our team members have extensive history succeeding across their selective industries. From our CEO and Producers, to our Executives and Marketing Team, each one of us are professionals & leaders in their respective fields. Whether you are looking for startup advice, film & production pointers, or branding and marketing strategy help, our staff is well equipped to assist.


Managing Director

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Civic & Cultural

For a full directory of our all our team members and their backgrounds, you may head to our Team Page.


Some Of Our Projects

Check our some of current & past Virtual Reality Projects alongside some of our past films. Our work has won awards at film festivals and been featured across multiple international media platforms.

For a full list of all our films, virtual reality experiences, and R&D concepts, visit our Projects Page.


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