A Virtual Reality Experience Film Movement Empowerment

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Brought to you by Time Magazine, Executive Producers Viola Davis & Julius Tennon, GRX Immersive’s CEO Alton Glass, JuVee Productions, Vallis Studios, Ryot Studios. American Family Insurance.

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On August 28, 1963 over 200,000 Americans took part The  March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom became a symbol of change, unity, & love. The March on Washington, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, exemplified core American Values and is a pivotal moment that enlightened and empowered Americans. The March Virtual Reality Experience in collaboration with Time Magazine & Executive Producers Viola Davis & Julius Tennon of JuVee Productions, will feature the latest technology and captivating storytellers to recreate this monumental piece of American history. 

With the use of Immersive Technology, The March  offers audiences an out of world opportunity to experience and step into this iconic moment of American History. Through Virtual Reality, the historic 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech can be more than just heard and may be experienced through a fully immersive enviroment that highlights the voices, emotions, and unity brought together through the work of The Civil Rights Movement.

 The March virtual reality experience will be the first to utilized the latest immersive technologies to digitally recreate Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The project will employ multiple state of the art facilities and motion capture equipment to accurately capture & highlight this empowering moment of African American History. 

In partnership with Intellectual Properties Management, Inc. (Licensor of the Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr.), which granted TIME development rights for the project, The March will allow contemporary audiences to experience the presence and message of Dr. King. The project will be the most life-like and realistic rendering of a human performance in VR to date, blending advanced VR, AI, film production processes, and machine-learning techniques.

“The March tells the story of the men and women who not only dreamed of change, but committed their lives to action,” said Mia Tramz, Emmy-winning producer and editorial director of Enterprise and Immersive Experiences at TIME. The March Virtual Reality Experience showcases the potential and power of combining Immersive technologies like VR and authentic storytelling to connect & unify communities. 

For the project, TIME Magazine collaborated with GRX Immersive Labs CEO, Alton Glass & partnered with the Academy Award-nominated immersive media studio RYOT.

CEO &  Co-Creator of The MARCH, Alton Glass, is an award-winning Filmmaker, Immersive Designer, & Creative Entrepreneur specializing in creating authentic & meaningful experiences through his storytelling. Some of his recent work includes, Black Public Media’s Pitch Black’s 2019 Winnner POV: Points of View and ABFF 2014 Winner Cru. His work with Immersive Technology ranges from entertainment & eudcational programs with partners such Verizon Foundation & Oculus. 

Additionally, American Family Insurance joins the The March as the Presenting Sponsor. With American Family Insurance’s sponsorship, the project, and the assistance of Digital Domain, and CAA and Executive Producers Viola Davis & Julius Tennon of JuVee Productions.The March Virtual Reality Experience will be presented an experiential exhibition, will travel to select museums and cultural centers across the country beginning in 2020, first premiering at The DuSable National Museum of African American History in Chicago, IL during Black History Month.

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