HBCU Virtual Reality & Immersive Media Workshop Coming April 10-11, 2020!!


Virtual Reality Production & Immersive Media Workshop

During this workshop we will explore various aspects of 360/VR immersive storytelling including Scripting, Perspective, Interactivity, Working with actors, Spatialized Sounds and Storyboarding. You will get a hands-on overview of the essential 360/VR equipment including an introduction to Building 360 worlds with Cameras, Tripods and Rigs. Working in teams, you will plan a project and then create a short 360 experience. The workshop will conclude with a brief Introduction to 360 editing, Plug-ins and Stitching as well as an overview
on Publishing and Distribution of your 360 films.

Authentic & Inspiring Storytelling Created Through Rising Immersive Technologies

What's Covered​


Program Options

3 Hour Intro Session
1 Day Intensive
2 – 3 Day Intensive
1-2 Week Boot Camps

How The Workshops Work

Intro to 360 Filmmaking -> Intro to Storytelling in Virtual Reality -> Producing VR -> Real Life Examples -> Virtual Reality Production -> Post Production & Distribution -> Screening 

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Intro Into 360 Filmmaking

A collaborative and interactive session aimed to introduce participants the 360 landscape. The workshop will cover topics ranging from HMDs, Distribution, Camera Rigs, Conversation Maps, Software, and 360 vs traditional filmmaking.

Along with the crash course on immersive technology, students will be asked to submit story ideas in the form of a logline. Students will “pitch” their project to the class. The class will vote on which projects we will make and why? We will pick 2-5 projects based on class size.


Storytelling in Virtual Reality

A workshop session centered around expanding on scripts, ideas & concepts, narratives & evolving ideas & narratives through virtual reality.  From creating VR Scripts to designing  complete VR Stortyboards, our team of industry professionals lead students into developing their group projects in this pre-production phase. 

Our introduction to storytelling in virtual reality serves to introduce the basic’s of 360 production and motivate creatives to begin thinking of immersive technologies when in the developmental phase of fututre projects. From shot lists, mood boards, and stitching film shots, our introductory course.


Producing Virtual Reality Series & Films

Another key part to developing any concept into a project with the proper funding and support for any creator’s vision. This will place each participant will be given the opportunity to get firsthand experience into the type of work industry level producers would perform for a project.

Students participating in this workshop will develop invaluable skill sets and retain knowledge in creating effective a pitch decks, in -depth budgets, breaking scripts, and much more from professionals that have produced, pitched, and create award winning projects. 

Immersive Experience Examples

In this part of the class, our team will work with students and will break down real-life examples of projects so students can really connect the dots before heading out to shoot their own projects. 

Students will get to view sample storyboards, prototyping, budgets, concept & creation workflows, VFX demos, and more importantly real life Virtual Reality projects that highlight the potential of immersive stortyelling.



Selecting the right crew can determine whether a concept its accurately recreated. Students will be required to team up and get their hands dirty to take all their pre-production work and lead their teams into VR Production. 

Each student should have a base knowledge of filmmaking at this point, and will learn the various roles, camera setups, equipment, and software needed to capture 360 content. Once completing the production of the their concept, participants should have an basic understanding of media production, the various roles, terminology, and expectations when working on alongside industry professionals.



Post Production & Distribution

During post production & distribution workshop, our team shares collective insight and assisted to each group and project in navigating the best software & plans to seek distribution.

Students will be introduced to the world of post production and learn te various roles such as editing, vfx, spatial audio, sound design, stitching, and more distribution & monetization .  This is a great opportunity for students to learn about ways to distribute projects festivals, conferences, and more importanty reach new consumers!

Florida A&M University VR Bootcamp


Upload work to youtube for review. The class votes on best in
class and discuss what they learned and how the could use and how they
could leverage VR and Immersive storytelling skills. All the VR headsets are prepped and ready for a group VR Screening.


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
– Maya Angelou

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