An Interactive Master Class on Immersive Technology & Creative Developmental Workshops

A Collegiate Level Training on Creative Expression Through Immersive Storytelling, Virtual Reality, & Augmented Reality

GRX Immersive Labs VR Workshops are dedicated to create spaces of creative freedom & to provide exposure & training with the latest rising technologies to creators of all backgrounds.

Whether you’re a writer, designer, journalist, game developer, or any form of creative, our above industry training prepares you to empower your creative passion through VR while feeding your appetite to create! 

We’ve worked with Oculus, VerizonThe HBCU Programs, & various Academia Institutions to deliver high quality workshops that assists creatives in sparking innovative ideas & train them to make in reality through VR Production & in editing software.

Our workshops specialize is going beyond teaching & provide on site demonstrations, training, & scenarios that will push students & creatives to test their abilities. 

We launched our workshops as a means of bridging communities & individuals with rising technology and providing them the necessary to resources to employ VR & AR across various industries. Through our collective commitment to teaching & empowering future generations of creators, we seek to transform the entertainment industry into productions centered on experiences, inclusion, and authentic storytelling. 

Through years of experience in developing high dynamic immersive experiences, our team of mentors are masters at catering to creative development. We have had workshops with students of all ages, aspiring collegiate creatives, & young creative entrepreneurs looking to diversify their skill set. 

By particpating in the workshops students:


through the mentorship of industry backed professionals & rising immersive technologies.

Educational Program

Virtual Reality Production Training

Teach How To Create Immersive Spaces

Learn To Create
AR & VR Content

Virtual Reality & Immersive Tech Workshops Options
  • 1-3 Hour Immersive Seminar
  • 1 Day (6 Hour) Workshop
  • 3 Immersive Production Workshop
  • 5 Day Immersive Media Production & Post Workshop

*Special Packages/Seminars avaialble upon request*

Past Workshops, Bootcamps, & Seminars

A Environment That Enables All Current & Future Writers, Designers, Developers, Journalists, and Creatives in Diving Into Immersive Technology & Virtual Reality Development

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