Creating Ecosystems

Transforming ideas through virtual reality and 

unlocking the full potential of storytelling

Build Worlds & Virtual Spaces To Tell Your Story

Your ideas, stories, and imagination know no limit with immersive technology. With VR, you can take your evolve any film, game, or concept into experience that presents viewers amongst these virtual ecosystems & world crafted through virtual reality technology. 

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Limitless Potential To Create Any World, Space, or Reality

Learn to Build Worlds For Films, Games, Installations, & Immersive VR Experiences

GRX Immersive Labs’ World Building curriculum and VR Creator’s Tool Kit are aimed to further develop existing skills into assets for building worlds. Whether your game designer, graphic designer, artist, or filmmaker, our Immersive Media Academy & World Building Virtual Reality Creator Tool Kit were built with to heighten creative skill-sets with rising immersive technologies. No game, nor film, can connect audiences with stories, fantasies, & worlds like those creator within virtual reality ecosystems. 

World Design & Development For Creatives By Industry Creators

GRX Immersive Labs’ dedicates itself, its collective of industry professionals, and its database of knowledge to uplifing other creators and providing resources for those that interested in building a world and designing virtual ecosystems.  Each professional has a background in entertainment and is well versed in creating captivating stories, attentive to detail in building worlds & narratives, and educators working to create spaces of creative freedom.

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