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We are bridge builders paving a path to a new reality.

GRX Immersive Labs is an XR Content & Talent Development Studio focused on the advancement of diverse voices in immersive storytelling and emerging technology.  A core GRX value is to foster entrepreneurial skills so individuals become investable vs. just employable.



Virtual Reality Production 

We are committed to developing authentic and meaningful  Virtual Reality Experiences that connects with various communities.

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Augmented Reality

Our team is full of Creative Specialist with experience building captivating Augmented Reality assets across a spectrum of industries. 


Immersive Media  Education

Dedicated to changing the creative landscape & putting all creatives, writers, & entrepreneurs in a position to succeed with immersive technology. 

Revolutionizing The Immersive  Economy

GRX Immersive Labs is a team composed of highly-skill professionals with shared passions of creating, storytelling, & progressive change. As creative entrepreneurs, we are passionate about empowering each other and other creatives through our Immersive Media Education programs with partners like The Verizon Foundation, The HBCU Program, & Oculus. 

We have effectively fused the techniques of film-making with immersive media technology like Virtual Reality to create engaging & meaningful content. We are enthusiastic about creating, collaborating, and pushing the traditional boundaries of experiences. 

Immersive Projects

Immersive Media Education

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